MIG | HMS+ is Hospital Management System Software developed to manage all aspects of a hospital operation. This customizable hospital information system is an integrated healthcare solution which includes OPD and IPD Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Ward Management, Online Appointments Scheduling, Secured Messaging, Doctor Portal, Patient and Family Portals, Medical Electronic Billing, Accounting, HR/Payroll and the different clinics within a Hospital. Traditional hospital management approaches encompass paper-based information processing as well as resident work position and mobile data acquisition and presentation. This pattern of managing a hospital is fast becoming obsolete with the emergence and popularity of computerized/automation of an entire hospital. MIG | HMS+ helps to be aware of revenue stream, patient records and other key metrics at your fingertips. It allows electronic sharing of patient records with other providers and medical applications and manages the overall health of patients and providers can see medical laboratory results and history online, securely chat with providers, and schedule next appointment. The customizable alert system sends email and improves the quality of patient care.

This software makes all the work of a hospital paperless and integrates the entire resources of a hospital into one integrated software application known as MIG | HMS+. The software helps as a decision making system for the hospital authorities for developing comprehensive health care policies. Under the watch of MIG | HMS+, hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions keep a track of all the processes and can help make easy, quick and efficient decisions.


Medical Intelligent Guidance is divided into different modules. Each of the modules has sub modules within them. All these modules are integrated with the information provided on the system. It provides an Interactive platform for all entities of the hospital like Doctors, Nurses, Account Department, Patients, etc.


  • Easy access to doctor’s data to generate varied records, including classification based on demographic, gender, age, and so on. It is especially beneficial at ambulatory (out-patient) point, hence enhancing continuity of care. As well as, Internet-based access improves the ability to remotely access such data.
  • It helps as a decision support system for the hospital authorities for developing comprehensive health care policies.
  • Efficient and accurate administration of finance, diet of patient, engineering, and distribution of medical aid. It helps to view a broad picture of hospital growth
  • Improved monitoring of drug usage, and study of effectiveness. This leads to the reduction of adverse drug interactions while promoting more appropriate pharmaceutical utilization.
  • Enhances information integrity, reduces transcription errors, and reduces duplication of information entries.
  • It is easy to use and eliminates error caused by handwriting.
  • Automate Patient Registration & Admission
  • Manage Patient Information Efficiently
  • Staff Salary Generation & expenses Management
  • Manage your own Security
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Total Operational Automation
  • More Time to focus on Strategic Tasks
  • One-Time Fee Of the System
  • Anywhere Availability – Internet or Intranet with Automatic Synchronization
  • State-of-the-art Data-Centres

Other Salient Features include:

  • User Friendly
  • Excellent User Interface Experience
  • Easy To Customize
  • Multi-level Password protection
  • Full featured backup and restoration
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Customized reports